The Mythical Creatures of Hungarian Culture Go to Psychology – The Lidérc


Only the dead have seen, only the dead have heard, only the dead have felt what the Lidérc has prepared for those who are unable to reveal the mind behind the facade. The Lidérc is said in the Hungarian folktales to be similar in its desires to a vampire, feeding off the living. It kills its victims through sexual exhaustion and drinks not blood, as a vampire does, but the life energies of its victims. It is said to hatch from the first egg of a black hen. But when this egg hatches, not a chicken but a wraith-snake is born. It starts adjusting quickly after birth. It can take different forms, or at least cast the illusion of taking different forms: a man, or a woman. The Lidérc enters houses through chimneys or keyholes and brings sickness and death by attaching itself to the human, suffocating them with an oppressive “love”. It appears in your sleep with poison-tipped arrows to inspire erotic dreams. The Lidérc is quick and efficient as a servant, but it always must be kept busy with numerous tasks to occupy it, or it will become bored and dangerous, and even turn on its host. The only way to get rid of this shadow creature is to give it some impossible task, such as counting every star, spinning ropes out of sand, or bringing water from the well in a leaky bucket.

They are everywhere. We are experiencing a Lidérc epidemic.

Millions are suffering.

In silence.

Are you one of them?

Watch and Listen:

Közzétéve: Company for the Lonely

A világra szenzitív emberként valamint a Szegedi Tudományegyetem végzős pszichológia alapszakos hallgatójaként, az egyént és a társadalmat leginkább meghatározó jelenségeket vizsgálom szenvedélyesen, a pszichológiát, a filozófiát, a szexualitást és a vallást.

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